When it comes to describing or defining the best, I like to play safe. After all, we all know that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, gaming computer desks are no exception. Of course, when asked, we all one want that big desk and the huge space it offers because none of us wants to see the high end gaming set up fell apart when that small desk can’t handle the weight any more. This is not the only reason to dream for the best because it is not just your desk; it is your command center! Even if you are not a big gaming fan and you are into online gambling or other stuff, you still need enough space.

Now, don’t worry and just lean back because we’re about to tell you how a great desk should be and how to make the best of it, as well as showing you some of the best computer gaming desks as example.

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Requirements for a good gaming computer desk

The right size is very important. No matter how big the desk is, if you don’t have enough space at your home, owning it will not make you happy. So make sure you measure your room and get the right size.

In addition, the thickness of the desk is important too, it should be as thick as possible to avoid wobbling and to ensure stability. The ideal gaming desk has at least a depth of 50 cm and a width of 120 centimeters. If you are going to use the desk for other purposes like office work, study or school work, a width of 140 to 150 centimeters is advantageous.

Advantages of a large gaming computer desk:

  • Enough space for gears, speakers and monitors
  • Sufficient space for other documents (school, study, office)
  • More space to hide cables
  • Support surface for the forearms makes it more comfortable
  • More space for drawer elements and shelves under the table
  • More room for your legs
  • Enough space for extensions, such as LED lighting
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Let’s talk about the material. Especially if you’re using an optical mouse, the support surface is important. For glass plates or reflective surfaces you should definitely use a mouse pad, otherwise the (optical) mouse will not work.

A wooden desk is probably the most common desk out there and not without reason. In addition to solid wood panels, there are so-called pressed chipboards, which are lighter than the solid wood panels, and also scratch resistant.

The glass is actually hardly used for building a computer gaming desk. Glass is very prone to cracking, in the worst case; the table can break into a thousand pieces which might lead you to end up in ER. You will also need a mouse pad (at least for an optical mouse).However, if you love the sophisticated look of the glass desk and can live with the risks, you can certainly get a gaming desk made of glass.

A plastic desk? Sounds totally uncomfortable and somehow low-grade. However, this is just a matter of likes and dislikes.

Countless cables from the mouse, keyboard, screen and other devices run across the table. Certainly some of you know this is actually easy to avoid. Well-designed gaming desks usually come with a good quality cable management system. The standard variant is a hole in the table to guide cables from the top to the computer. Although this ensures a central collection of lines, it is usually not sufficient. There would still be clutter under the desk. High-quality desks provide clips or rails for the orderly routing of cables to their destination. Good models even offer large rails with space for multiple sockets. As a rule, every cable can be hidden here easily.

If you sit for several hours in front of the PC, of ​​course, you would not want sharp edges or other quality defects that could hinder a person. The design of the desk and the processing are important. A good table made of wood or MDF is at least 16 millimeters thick. The tabletop itself, however, has at least 19 millimeters. This will make the table more stable. So, it carries more weight.

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So what about building it? Cheap desks are often complicated to build. This is very annoying, because not everyone has good crafting skills. If the enclosed instructions are worthless, you need to drink a cup of tea which will calm your nerves. When you are buying a desk, it is very important to pay attention to proper instructions. You might also need a good friend who would be there to help you. For example, the heavy table tops are very difficult to mount alone. Plus, it’s just more fun for two.

The optimal seating position is different for each person. A desk with adjustable height is very convenient for a player, as it can be better adapted to the personal ergonomics. This protects the user during long sessions and can prevent any damages. For most players, this is not necessary, but especially very short people like shorter than 1.60 meters and tall people over 1.90 meters it has a vital importance. The ideal desks are the ones with adjustable height feature so that you can work standing up. That protects the spine in the long term.

It is particularly important, that the height adjustment is also fast. Many cheap models offer screw mechanisms. It takes a long time and nobody likes to crawl under the table for several minutes, just to adapt it to the current conditions. These forms are therefore more suitable for one-time adaptation to your own body size while sitting. Electric motors make that much easier, but they also come with a higher price.

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Desk Forms

Depending on how your room is designed, one of these forms will suit it than the other one. Below you will find a list of different desk types and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Rectangular desk

This desk is a classic and is often used in offices and homes. If a large space is available, this table shape will suit the room well.


  • Relatively cheap
  • There is also plenty of space under the desk
  • Other furniture can be easily placed next to it


  • Needs a lot of space
  • Rarely fits perfectly into the room concept
  • Corners can interfere and not be used as a work surface

2. Square desk

This small desk shape can be well integrated into most existing room concepts.


  • Cheap
  • Small and space saving


  • Small work space, a table alone is hardly enough for a gaming PC setup

3. Corner desk

With this desk, a free corner in the room can be optimally used.


  • Optimal use of space
  • Well suited for multiple-monitors and different workspaces


  • Relatively expensive

5. Kidney shaped desk

 The table is similar to a kidney shape.


  • there is plenty of space under the table
  • ergonomic shape can be comfortable


  • not combinable with other tables
  • more expensive than other forms

10 Recommended Gaming Desks

1- DXRacer DGD/1000 Newedge Edition 

I am sure most of the gamers are familiar with this brand as the company produces gaming chairs too. You can find this desk in four different colors: Green & Black, Black & White, Black, and Red & Black. If you ask me my personal choice I’d definitely go for the plain black version. If it is not available, just check the Red & Black version as it gives the impression of a brand new sports car (a cheaper version of course).The desk disguises the cables of keyboard, mouse and monitor with its black back part. If you are a person who likes to lean forward when you’re sitting, this table is just designed for you with its 10° slope. The edge of the table is ergonomically shaped so that the forearms are in a good position during the game. The height is adjustable and the desk is highly stable. It is hard to say something negative about it but the price is a little too expensive than the average. In addition to the price the back part is very thin.

2-Atlantic Gaming Desk Multi-Function

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is created especially for gamers. At first glance, you can see that Atlantic has taken all needs of gamers into account during the design process. The only negative side of this gaming desk is the lack of space. It is very compact and if you have a large multi-monitor setup, you either have to remove the raised monitor stand or get a monitor desk mount. If you remove the elevation, two 27-inch monitors can fit next to each other.

The biggest advantage of the Atlantic Gaming desk is its functionality. There are 2 speaker racks, cable management, drawer, an accessory compartment (wonderful for your smartphone), game shelf, headphone stand on the side and the best – a cup holder (for long gaming nights).             

3- Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


The cables can easily be accommodated in the cable duct provided. There are three holes at the back of the desk to allow for easy cable routing. This will keep your gaming setup clean and free. In addition, the gaming desk has no balance problems, even if your equipment weighs around 80 kg. The height can be adjusted between 70 and 80 centimeters. Though it is adjustable, we can say that it is not easily adjusted.

The desk area has an unusual large width like 160 cm and you can easily place up to three gaming monitors and your gear on it. The top of the desk is made of three wooden panels. In addition to that the ergonomic curvature in the middle makes you feel like you’re sitting in your own command center. Finally, you definitely don’t need any mouse pads because the Arozzi gaming desk is completely covered with a 5 mm thick mouse pad.

4- Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

This gaming desk has a very appealing design with its cool blue LED lightning. It has carbon fiber texture and you have enough space to place your monitors, keyboard and other gears. There is a cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand and a huge mouse pad. One of its best parts is the cable management systems. You don’t need those ugly cable ties. As the structure is very easy to build, it just takes about 20 minutes to put the desk together when you get home.

5- Turismo Racing Gaming Desk

This is one of the largest gaming desks on the market. The length is about 6 foot and the height is around 30 inches. It is possible to fit three monitors plus the equipment you have. The weight is 76.5 pounds. It is fully covered with a mouse pad. There are two models of this desk: the “Stazzione” (without LED lights) and the “Autodromo” (with LED lights). At night time you can turn on its LED lightning and see how cool it gloves. My personal favorite is the blue one but you can select whatever color you like. The LED lightning is basically a strip that you have to manually run around the edge of desk yourself. It’s definitely stylish. The only disadvantage of this LED strip is it is not waterproof so unless you are careful; it is very easy to damage. The top of the desk is thick and extremely solid as it is made of three wooden panels. You can mount monitor arms to it. Turismo Racing also gets points for the wireless cellphone charger that’s built into their mousepad and their cat5 network style cable management trays they use. The USB ports are also useful as you can charge your headset and mouse. Its legs are made of solid steel. The Turismo Racing desk is a lot more stable than the Arozzi. It is considerably easy to build; you need eight to ten minutes. If you are looking for an adjustable desk, unfortunately this is not what you are looking for.

6- DlandHome Gaming Computer Desk

The desk is made of wood and the K-shaped metal legs have a thick inner wall, which helps keeping it so stable. This desk is around 60 pounds. The length is 47.2 inch, the width is 23.6 inch and the height is 29.7 inch. The maximum load capacity is 300Ibs and easy to move around. This gaming computer desk includes adjustable height display stand; 2 adjustable direction speaker stands (you can put 3 Display on the 3 stands); Adjustable drink rack & headphone holder. It’s very convenient to place your gaming peripherals, so you can focus on your games. It has also drawers. One negative thing about it is that the drawers aren’t on a sliding track; you just slide them on the bottom panel of the desk. Another disadvantage is that there is no foot rest. The setup is very simple. The price of the desk is extremely reasonable for the value that the desk provides. However, we still think that the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a better option as it has just as many (if not more) features and come in at lower price points.

7- Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk

Here comes another fantastic high-quality corner gaming desk that has an L shape, but small enough and also is very easy to assemble.  It is made of E1 Medium Density Fiberboard and Thicker Steel. This corner gaming desks measures are 58.9 by 5.9 by 29.9 inches. It sure is big enough to fit 2 monitors and other equipment. It provides adequate space for placing your books, pens, laptops and many others. Its perfect space can be utilized while drawing, writing, working, as well as gaming. The foot position design is humanized and is very comfortable. The only negative comment about its design is thin metal bars that are on the back (making the x-shape) are too long. The cable management system also lacks with this desk. I recommend getting some adhesive clamps if you have lots of cables.

8- Kinsal Gaming Desk

The Kinsal Gaming Desk is one of the best Z shaped computer gaming desk. It can withstand a lot of load because the Z shape gives it more balance and more leg space. It also has some form of lighting around it that gives it some ambience with a free mouse pad attached to it. If you like to play a lot of sci-fi or future-based video games, this desk will help you sink into the game world and feel like you’re a part of it. Because the gaming computer desk has a metal frame structure, there’s plenty of room for your feet beneath the desk. It consists of high quality ABS, steel reinforced rod frame and a wooden desk board. This gaming desk is easy to install, and if you want to change location, it is quite easy to move about. It comes with a variety of colors and is quite affordable. The negative sides of this desk are: first, you might need someone to assist you. Second, the screws are quite small and some might find it challenging. Finally, there’s still some way to go with the cable management of this gaming desk.

9- GTRACING Gaming Desk

It is super comfortable and pretty easy to assemble. It is specially designed for better gaming experience. This gaming table comes with strong structure, large gaming surface, wire management and cool LED light. The sizes of desk are:47.24(L) x 25.98(W) x 29.53(H) in ; Board Size: 47.24 x 25.98 in; Weight:57.32 lbs. There are 2 different color variations which are Black and Red. Stable Z-shaped structure and metal frame to support large weight capacity. Cable management system is there to keep all your wires organized and clean. Large surface provides enough room for your monitor, laptop, and more. It is made of high quality wooden desk board with a sleek surface. Firm and strong metal frame has a good impact resistance.

10- FIVEGIVEN Brownish Black Computer Gaming Office Study Desk

The frame is made of metal coated with black sandy finish. The board is high grade MDS with brownish black melamine veneering. The dimensions of the desk are 48 x 22 x 33 (height). The desk is around 37 Ibs. This desk can support upto 120Ibs. You can use this black computer desk with shelf underneath as computer desk, office desk or gaming desk. Large working surface and spacious leg room provide ample space for long-time gaming activities with comfort. The shelf underneath the desk top provides extra storage spaces or uses it as a private spot for your personal effects and it could be installed on left or right side as per using habits. You can place your game console on the little shelf too. Plastic pads on 4 feet add the extra stability on unevenly floor, freely writing on this writing desk without any wobble concern. Melamine veneering makes the board surfaces scratch-resistant and water-proof. Seamless edge banding craft makes the desk corners and edges sleek enough to prevent scratches.


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