Indeed, the apropos named The Progress Bike looks not at all like any other bicycle. Made by Amsterdam-based designer Paul Timmer, the bicycle includes a few innovative subtleties that make it stand-out. Among them, the unusual bike outline configuration draws consideration. The back wheel includes just two connections rather than four, with one level and one slanting cylinder associating it to the casing. Obviously, the bike looks particular and deviated. In the meantime, this innovative choice convoluted whatever is left of the structure.

A 15mm thru axle which one would usually find on mountain bikes – on their front wheels – provides support to the rear wheel and fixes it securely. Attached to the disc mount on the hub, the cog transforms the bicycle into a fixed-gear ride. As a result, the front and back wheel are completely identical, which marks The Progress as unique in the whole world. “It attracts quite a bit of attention on the Amsterdam streets. It looks weird and unstable, but it rides like a charm,” explains Paul Trimmer. “The steel bike as we know it, is classic and beautiful, and kind of fully developed. I thought it was fun to try and design a completely different one: asymmetrical, cool-looking, but just as firm,” he adds.


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