Lofree mechanical keyboards are very popular amongst Mac users and vintage lovers, as well as all users who love typewriters. Actually they’re not new, but their design is so good that’s why I wanted to share them with you.

Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboards are available in four colors: Autumnal Grey, Aestival Blue, Hibernal Black and Vernal White. It’s price is 149$ and they do ship worldwide for free. The target group of the product is generally Mac users, not need to tell they’re design geeks, that’s why Lofree crafted the product very similar to Mac’s original keyboard.

Some features:

  • 3 levels of LED brightness
  • Can be connected to multiple devices
  • Wired & Wireless connectivity
  • Gateron mechanic switches
  • Size: 296.6 x 144.5 x30.6mm
  • Weight: ~ 800g

You can check out Lofree Keyboard from their websites by clicking here.


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