Here is a very bright idea: Huuuuuge blanket for normal people. They’re telling that: “Most blankets are much smaller than the average human. Not anymore. Introducing the biggest, softest, and best blanket ever.”

BIG BLANKET CO was conceived from a simple idea: that we’ve been duped. The average throw blanket is less than 5 feet tall while the average human is much taller than that. The solution was clear: create a blanket larger than any blanket currently sold.
Over a year in the making, this 10’ x 10’ (you read that right, 10 feet by 10 feet) blanket is more than a giant piece of fabric. It’s made from ultra-premium, baby soft, stretchy material that is moisture wicking and temperature regulating. We’re confident this is the best blanket ever made.

BIG BLANKET CO was released on Kickstarter on November 14, 2018 and fully funded within 8 hours. BIG BLANKET CO’s founding team is made up a passionate team of entrepreneurs, professional athletes, former musicians, and all-around busy people. Understanding time together is sacred, the goal of BIG BLANKET CO is bringing people together.

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Price: $209
DIMENSIONS: 10’ x 10’


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