Everything is changing, also the playing cards! Meet Air Deck 2.0, with a thinner design and solid fabrication. They are premium styled, waterproof, compact, lightweight and durable.

It is on kickstarter and if you want to learn more, click here

If you love to travel a lot or need a small package of playing cards, Air Deck 2.0 is for you. The playing cards have three colors: Classic, Warp Speed and Astronauts.

The features are:

  • 52 Playing Cards + 2 jokers
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Compact travel friendly size
  • Light weight
  • Durable heavy-duty ‘casino quality’ 0.31mm PVC
  • Premium printing
  • Slightly textured on both sides for better handling
  • Sturdy 0.4mm waterproof synthetic paper tuck box
  • Playing card size : 3.43 x 1.26 inches (87 x 32mm)
  • FREE tracked international shipping!


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