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Indoor Gardening: OGarden Smart

Have you ever imagined to grow up fruits or vegetables in your living room? Or did you think that you can eat fresh strawberries even in the winter? OGarden is a smart solution that...

Levia – Unique Levitating Marble Lamp

Italian Design Studio Idea3di has redesigned the lamp with Levia with a unique look and feeling. It's actually like a flying desk lamp with the help of magnetism. Levia is crafted from Genuine Carrara or Black Marquina...

Pivo: Get Creative with Your SmartPhone Photography

Everybody loves likes in these days and there are plenty of accessories for mobile photography and also videography. Pivo is one of them but with very interesting and useful features like auto follow modes...

The Ten Best Gaming Computer Desks of 2019

When it comes to describing or defining the best, I like to play safe. After all, we all know that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, gaming computer desks are...

Return of the King: Motorola Razr as a Smartphone

The market is full of Android and iOS smartphones at the moment but who doesn't want to take a step back and use a retro foldable Motorola Razr? There are rumors now,...