If you get bored using the same camera strap, if you want a little change, you can make your own camera straps with the materials and photos needed to make a handmade camera strap. Let’s do our own strap step by step.

Equipment required for this project:
1- Silk scarf: With different patterns, people will reflect their own soul.

2- Leather pieces: This is optional, but these leather pieces give a nice effect.

3- Key rings: We will use this piece to attach to the hangar camera.

4- Scissors: The basic material required

5- Pen: To mark the measurements we have received.



STEP 1: We mark the points where we will cut the probes once we have taken measurements according to your own use in your neck or in a model.


STEP 2: We cut from where we pointed.


STEP 3: We cut the part of the photo you see after the cutting process.


STEP 4: We make our leather parts look like the photo.

6426817417_d03fba8e9b-300x199 6426818793_6af6eb1448-300x199

Step 5: Make sure that the leather parts are firmly sewn.

And there! Your camera’s new style.

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