The new Microsoft Surface series has attracted a lot of interest with its design and functionality. Microsoft will debate whether this will be the case with designers, photographers, videographers, musician users who have long lived far behind and that Apple has dominated.

I am an Apple user for a long time, i am using iMac at home and Macbook Pro at work. The 27″ at home brings out my productivity. In terms of portability my 13″ Macbook Pro is very practical. And the big screen is very advantageous because there are plenty of photo and video jobs at home. In normal times, I can open Chrome on a part of the screen and open Spotify and Photoshop on other parts, which gives me great practicality.

In general, if I will compare Apple and Microsoft, the reasons for choosing my Mac are the following:

  • Design: Minimalist line, simplicity
  • Operating system: MacOS is absolutely fine, the new version does not bring much, but the base is very good, it does not got stuck like Windows after the renders, does not need to restart frequently, is almost never frozen.
  • Durability: You can use it for many years, I have never received hardware failure until this day.
  • Image: Sharp as never before in Windows.

What are the disadvantages?

  • If you’re used to Windows, some of the simpler things are a bit more complex on the Mac. Opening Zip, managing your desktop …
  • If you are playing games, forget them already.
  • If you are very interested in upgrades of hardwares, forget it.

Now what’s changed again comes Microsoft voices?

Apple has suffered a serious blood loss after the death of Steve Jobs, although success on the iPhone series is good, things are pretty stagnant on the Mac side. After the announcement of the new MacBooks, the incredible price increase and added Touch Bar have become a matter of criticism. There is serious controversy about the design as far away from the simplicity of the product and not adding enough new features. Even on Apple’s MacBook site there are animated images, which are not their style at all.

I really like the new Space Gray color very much.

What is this Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft’s new series is named Surface, has the same Apple style, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop. The most interesting one is the Surface Studio, a desktop computer got lots of attention , as well as its design and its ability to be used like a tablet.


    • The design is pretty nice, nice, simple and functional at a surprising level for Microsoft.
    • At the same time it can save extra costs like Wacom because it can be a tablet, but of course we have to test how precise it is.
    • The features seem fine, it can be predicted that the performance will be sufficient.
    • There are accessories such as the Surface Dial that we can attach to it, it looks like it will make the job easier.
    • Port abundance, the exact opposite of Apple, needs new accessories to everything.


  • Windows is the part that makes me think the most. Unappealing window designs, blue screens, right click, frozen and rotating mouse cursor.
  • Fear of regret.
  • The following accessories:
What’s this Microsoft? A curvy keyboard in 2016?
Microsoft mouse from 1km away.

Parts with question marks:

  1. Color consistency? Mac has a fairly consistent system, Windows has not solved it yet, wondering if it solves it on the Surface.
  2. Durability? How long will a PC with a touch screen and tilt and twist can be used without problems?


Microsoft Surface is so nice to mingle even if I do not mind getting it, no for the laptop but it seems very practical for the desktop. I think it’s won me by design, but I think it’s too early to return to Windows. There is no reason not to use it if MacOS can be installed on the system, but performance is still very important.