They say, “You need to make 10000 mistakes to say that I learned something.” This applies to everything that is newly learned. It may be wrong to explain this to newcomers, they may stop learning, and they should not be disappointed. Below are the items we are recommending to the starters to photography.

7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started to Photography

1- Take a lot of photos, do not care what others will say, do not stop yourself from taking pictures just because you need to take artistic photographs.

2- Know your camera well, know your equipment well. Get to know all the menus, the keys you will use, the situation where you can make all your adjustments without taking a visual eye view. The camera should now be a part of you. You should not say that if only I should make that setting while shooting this image.

3- Attach to as few equipment as possible, the most important thing is light and composition, no one is curious about your lens and your camera in a very good street photo, it is important that you have caught the moment. Don’t forget that the important thing is the photographer in the photograph. Changing lens and camera often is nothing but slowing you down.

4 – See the light first, learn to see it, then focus on your subject, even if you have a good subject, the wrong selected light will affect your entire photo.

5 – If you are photographing people, be polite to them, take the sweet tongue out of the hole, very few people will say no to you.

6 – Feelings in your photographs, when the audience sees your photograph, look at it for a while, aim it. Photograph the things you love, this will work very well.

7- Do not put your photos in a bad mood, it is known that everybody has just begun one day and it has come out of these roads, the important thing is that you believe in yourself and you are the one on this road …